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Women Managers Are A Thing In FIFA 20 And It’s About Time

I might have been wrong about EA Sports choosing to put a female footballer on the cover of FIFA 20, but women will be making their innaugral appearance in another part of the game. Specifically, out on the touchline as a manager.

The move comes as just one of the changes to its career feature, whereby the virtual persona you create can take the female or male form along with the usual selection of hairstyles, skin tones and body condition. But maybe next year they can show even more fluidity in gender selection, catching up and staying with these modern times? People are, after all, a lot more than just this or that. 

Accessories can also be equipped whilst an array of clothing will be available for your perusal. Let’s just hope the choice is sensible.

It’s a move that’s been a long time in the making. Too long, you could say. But any step in the right direction is better than none; though, three or four leaps would be better. The women’s national teams were the first to make an appearance, all the way back in FIFA 16. But little has changed since then – female players or their respective teams remain excluded from the popular Ultimate Team mode.

And, let’s be honest, this new inclusion in the make a manager screen isn’t too demanding – development wise. It could have been done long ago, though attitudes have mellowed recently due to something called the Women’s World Cup. It’s a fickle life, isn’t it? 

Still, at least the choice is now available for those who wish to choose it. Who knows, it might inspire the Shelley Kerrs of the future. 

Elsewhere, the Volta Mode recreates the street vibe – allowing mixed teams – interactive press conferences have been implemented before and after matches, and your managing choices now affect team morale. So be tactical with that hairdryer.

It looks like FIFA 20 might have a thing or two to teach us yet! We’ll see you on the pitch.

Source: EA Sports Twitter

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