A Memoir Blue

Wordless Indie Game A Memoir Blue Coming to PS5, PS4

Silence is golden.

A Memoir Blue was revealed during Annapurna Interactive’s July showcase and the debut title from Cloisters Interactive looks set to become another indie darling for the publisher.

The story of the game is told solely through expressive character animations and music rather than dialogue as champion swimmer Miriam revisits some of her deepest memories. Interestingly the narrative of the game is based on real events in the life of creative director Shelley Chen.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Chen reflects on the decision to incorporate real-life events into the game’s story. According to Chen: ”The story of the game is based on a childhood journey I took with my mom… but when I became older I realized my mother had taken me with her as she ran away from home.”

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Chen also added: “Although the game was built around this personal story, it quickly expanded into a larger scale world that players could explore in greater detail. True events are still at the core of the game with some creative additions to help our players understand what Miriam is feeling as she progresses along her journey.”

A Memoir Blue will blend 3D and 2D hand-drawn animation as Miriam sinks into her deepest memories in another stylistic choice of art design. 2D animation will be used to convey events in Miriam’s past, while 3D animation is used as the Present Miriam examines these past events. Ultimately, A Memoir Blue aims to tell a moving story about the love between a mother and daughter in a unique and stylistic format. Chen also added that the mission of Cloister Interactive is to not only tell stories but offer experiences that will touch player’s hearts.

There is currently no release date for A Memoir Blue but the title will be available on PS4 and PS5.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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