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Work for PlayStation as a Software Engineer

Do you hate your job? Do you basically work to feed your face and your gaming habit? Why not work for PlayStation as a software engineer? That’s the message in a new video from PlayStation. They focus strongly on working for them, but we all know the first two questions are strongly implied.

The trailer talks about the different ways you can shape experiences across all of PlayStation’s services from PS Plus to PS Vue. You would help fix problems, add features, and basically be a superhero to everyone who buys into Sony’s ecosystem. (Superhero is probably a stretch, but imagine as much as you want.)

I’ve mentioned this before, and I will keep saying it. If you love games, gaming, PlayStation, or even if you hate how things are now, please go into these jobs. Make them better for all us. I would rather have someone with a passion for gaming making my gaming better than the person who really wanted to get into programming microwaves but lost the job to someone else.

The locations are limited, but check out all the PlayStation careers by clicking here. Good luck!

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