Work Your Way From Rags to Rafael in Tennis World Tour Career Mode

Tennis World Tour

With a little over a month to go until launch, a new trailer has been released for Tennis World Tour. The latest video documents its career mode, which will see you serving for your dinner as you attempt to make the big league.

It is a gaming mechanic that is shared by the majority of sport titles; ‘kid dun gud’, so to speak. So it is hardly revolutionary. But it’s better to have the feature than not, and it does add an extra dimension to proceedings as you have something to work towards. To fight for.

As you attempt to take on the big rackets and volley your way up the world rankings, your fitness and schedule will be in your hands. Will you ace it or find yourself out on the video referee?

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Another feature, which is gaining traction amongst the genre, is the ability to create a personalised avatar and transfer them online for the whole world to see. Your entire offline progress will be visible, so you can show your friends just how much of a hot shot you are. And you’ll also be able to show off any of the gear you’ve unlocked. Here’s hoping there’s a pair of bright rainbow leg warmers!

Tennis World Tour is the brainchild of Bigben Interactive, and is scheduled to launch on May 22nd, 2018.

Will you be having a racket with Tennis World Tour? Serve us a comment in the box below. 

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