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World of Final Fantasy PS4/PS Vita Demo Rolling Out in Europe Now

Have you been itching to give World of Final Fantasy on PS4 and PS Vita a go? Really? Well, splendid! We’ve got some good news for you: the World of Final Fantasy demo is out now on PS4 and PS Vita in some parts of Europe.

The demo is starting to roll out across Europe as we type this article (so far it’s available in Germany) and we expect it’ll be live across most nations by the time the sun pops its head up.

The demo isn’t particularly huge in size on PS4 and only comes in at just over 1.2GB. The PS Vita edition is just under half of that at 500-ish MB. Not too shabby then.

Naturally, we’ll be giving this one a go before we do a write-up in a day or two, so be on the lookout here at Pure PlayStation for more World of Final Fantasy news.

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