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World of Final Fantasy Receives Exclusive PlayStation Store Pre-Order Bonuses

We’ve touched upon the collector’s edition of World of Final Fantasy but now Square Enix has revealed there will be pre-order bonuses as well. If you pre-order Chibi Final Fantasy from the PlayStation Store you’ll receive a PS4 theme and two special Mirages to aid in battle. One is called Cactuar Johnny and the other is Crimson Armor. Additionally, the Day One Edition is also available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store. This version will include three Mirages (White Chocobo, Glow Moogle, and Red Bonnetberry,) a Japanese voice-over add-on option, and a Sephiroth summon.


We don’t know about you but calling The Sephiroth to aid us in battle produces goosebumps. Not sure if the A.I. enemies can feel fear but they’re going to be experience the closest thing to it. World of Final Fantasy is slated for an October 25th release and should provide a nice buffer until the delayed FF XV comes out.

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