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World of Tanks Update 9.15 for PS4 is Out Now, Focus is On Community Feedback

Still playing Wargaming’s free-to-play World of Tanks? Good, then this is for you. Wargaming has released World of Tanks’ 9.15 update on PS4 to bring a few much-needed changes that the community has been so vocal about over the last few weeks and months.

The update is live right now and contains tweaks to the balancing of tanks, changes to the game’s user interface to make it more user-friendly, as well as improvements to the game’s physics and sounds. According to Wargaming, these changes have come about as a direct result of interacting with the game’s passionate online community.

“Work on Update 9.15 started with having a conversation with the players,” said Anton Pankov, World of Tanks Global Publishing Producer. “We connected with them on social media, our forums, during player gatherings; spoke to opinion leaders in the community and trialed changes on test servers to set our priorities. It’s invaluable, and from this we’re able to further polish features and mechanics.

“In the future, we’ll be addressing more player requests, and introducing the sandbox: the first step in one of the biggest changes in World of Tanks history. We’ll be rebalancing every single tank in the game—a truly massive task. Feedback matters more than ever. We’ll be in close communication with the community every step of the way because it’s only by working together that we can make World of Tanks the best experience possible.”

More updates are still to follow the 9.15 update that will further improve the game’s physics, sounds, balancing and all other kinds of stuff.

Still playing World of Tanks? What do you think needs to be changed to get the game into a better gear? Lock and load down in the comments section below.


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