World War Z Brings First Season of Free Updates to a Close With Proving Grounds Update

World War Z is the game that keeps on giving, as the developer behind the co-op zombie shooter just keep on pumping out free updates. The latest such update – the ‘Providing Grounds’ update – is the last one for World War Z’s first season of free content. And it’s a biggy.

The Proving Grounds update brings new features, such as the Weekly Challenge mode, as well as a new playlist with gameplay modifiers. These modifiers will keep your game fresh for long. The zombies will still be rotten corpses on meth, but the gameplay variation will keep things new an exciting.

The Weekly Challenge rewards will dish out a new form of currency in-game. Don’t worry, though, as that currency can only be earned by playing through the game and completing challenges. No real cash required. Just a lot of your time and some sick zombie-killing skills. The currency can be used to buy in-game customisation pieces, such as trinkets, headgear, backpack attachments, and more.

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The new update also includes three new weapons, but these are paid-for items costing $4.99. Fair enough, I say. If the developer are happy to give out free update that include new gameplay modes and maps, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to expect to make a little money elsewhere on things that don’t have effect on the general gameplay.

I kind of regret flogging my copy now… I wasn’t overly keen on the game when it released, as you can see in my review, but perhaps I’ll be giving this one a second chance when time allows.

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