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World War Z Devs Want to Scare the Crap Out of You

A new dev diary is available for zombie shooter World War Z. It talks about the origins of the game and its broad appeal. First, it seems like a game for busy people. They call it a session game, because you can play for that 15 – 20 minutes you have free during the day. Whether you are playing with friends or future friends you meet online, they want you to have fun with whatever time you have available. They also want for each session to scare the crap out of you.

To make that happen, they have created their own engine. Dubbed the Swarm engine, it treats the hundreds of zombies on screen at any time as one organism. They will climb on and over each other reach you. If you start to pick them off, the AI can convert them to individual creatures. Either way, the developers say the zombies in their game know no fear and will follow you, even if it kills them. Again.

The engine reacts to the player as well. If you are more skilled, expect to see a larger horde. If you play in the team based PvPvZ, you can perform actions that encourage the zombies to attack the other team. If they are busy shooting the undead, it may do your work for you. Cooperation will still be the key to victory, so lone wolves will struggle, while teamwork keeps you surviving for another day.

The story is actually why this game is being made. Saber Interactive CEO, Matthew Karch, loved the book. When he saw the movie, and the swarming scene in Jerusalem in particular, this project became his passion, and he worked to secure the license to bring that same experience to a game. Shooting zombies is its own reward, but there will be story episodes for you to play. Each episode will have a unique character and story for you to uncover.

Check out the trailer for more info. World War Z will be swarming your favorite retailer on April 16th.

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