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WRC 8: What We Know So Far


WRC 8 has been two years in the making, but from what we’ve seen thus far that could have been time well spent. Why don’t we discuss some of these features before its September launch?

First, a number of previously included countries have been rebuilt from the ground up, with enhancements to both the graphics and physics; these include Germany and Argentina. Then there’s the inclusion of Turkey, which despite being the new kid on the block could easily claim the title for the most difficult round.

Dynamic weather will also be making an appearance in WRC 8. And in doing so will instantly multiply the variations of stages available, which will top 100 at launch. The degradation or improvement in the climatic conditions will put your strategy to the test as you determine which tyres are most suited to the track ahead.

Elsewhere, the team have invested a lot of time and effort into the career mode, which is particularly popular due to the licencing agreement. In addition to a selection of historic rallies that are awaiting your participation, you’ll also get the chance to manage a team. This will include recruitment of staff and determining the direction of research and development.

Possibly of concern to controller users is the emphasis placed upon the humble steering wheel during development. This is hardly surprising as developers try to move away from being classed as an “arcade” game, but can at times cost them sales from those without the space or funds for such a setup. Obviously, controller response is yet to be tested but it’s safe to say that for the best immersive experience you may well need a sim-like setup.

If that happens to be you then Kylotonn has you covered. Not only can you customise your car’s setup to your heart’s content but also share those settings with others. This will be of particular use to individuals who are finding the process of tuning the cars difficult or for more comparable time trials.

In total, 50 different teams will be included spanning the Pro and Junior leagues. 14 countries will encompass 100 stages, whilst a 15th country will act as your base for practice and preparations. Finally, a number of historical cars have already been revealed. These are:

  • Ford Escort MK2
  • Lancia Delta Integrale
  • Alpine A110
  • Lancia Fulvia

Further models are yet to be disclosed, whilst no Group B cars have been named.

So, that’s it for now; all we know of WRC 8. In the meantime, keep checking back for updates. And get that left foot ready!

Source: WRC

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