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WRC 9 December Update Adds New Free Game Mode, Cars, Stages, and More

WRC 9‘s December update has been released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing with it some free goodies for rally racers to enjoy over the festive period. The update is live on current-gen consoles and PC, but not yet on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, though they will get the update at a later, unspecified, date.

So, what’s new in the December update? Plenty. There are six new stages to throw your motors around in Rally Portugal as well as a brand new Co-Driver mode. The new Co-Driver mode allows two players to race online in one car. One player takes control of the car while the other shouts out directions like “bendy snakey turn in about a minute, mate” and “are you even listening to me you total prick?” These are optional shoutouts but I reckon whoever plays with me will be saying such things…

In addition to the new stages and game mode there are new liveries and a new concept car: the GR Yaris Rally Concept from Toyota GAZOO Racing. Fancy stuff, and all for free.

There’s a handy video up above explaining the new update in detail as well as giving a sneak peek at what’s included. Give it a watch and then give our WRC 9 PS5 review a look down below.

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