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Wreckfest Delayed Until Developers “Love Playing It”

The demolition derby game Wreckfest has been delayed. It was originally scheduled to crash into retail on November 20th, but the developers have decided to postpone the release date indefinitely.

The message from the team is one of the most direct I have ever seen. According to THQ Nordic’s Senior Producer, Roger Joswig,

“Wreckfest for consoles will only be released as soon as we love playing it. After the fantastic release on PC, the benchmark for the console release is much higher. At this moment, the team needs more time to polish the multiplayer part, as well as the overall performance on the game to bring it up to par with the experience on PC. We are sorry for keeping fans waiting longer because of this. However, we already have compensation in the form of further vehicles, including a special crazy vehicle, in the works for consoles.”

This seems great. If the people who play if for a living like it, that bodes well for the rest of us. In a time when games are not playable without a patch, I don’t think anyone is going to mind waiting for a better game on the disc on day one. I also appreciate them not setting an arbitrary date for when it will be ready. It’s just so crazy it might lead to better games.

I will pop a gameplay trailer from June of this year at the top, so you can see if this game should be on your radar for 2019. Once we have a release date, we will let you know.

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