Wreckfest PS5 Available Now For PS Plus Members, June 1st For Everyone Else

Wreckfest won’t be launching on the PlayStation 5 until June 1st. But PS Plus members are getting exclusive access to the game and as a result, it is available to download right now. The early access comes as a gift from Sony, who are trying to make its membership scheme more attractive. And that means you can enjoy total vehicular destruction on the next generation of hardware four weeks before everyone else . So, what are you waiting for?

Wreckfest was a game that caught us all by surprise. So, we were especially happy to hear that it was receiving a Playstation 5 release. But that doesn’t come until June 1st, meaning we’ve got a few more weeks to wait. That is unless you have PS Plus membership, whereby you can play the game right now. And it’s a luxury that won’t cost you a penny more, though you may get a taste for exchanging paint but not insurance details.

Which begs the question, what are you doing here reading this?

It is Sony who has made all this possible, realising it needs to do a little more if it’s to keep both current members and entice new ones. But we don’t know yet whether it’s something it’ll repeat again in the future or just what the requirement is for a game to be considered in the first place. Still, even if this happens to be the only one ever to happen, it’s not a bad bonus to your monthly outgoing.

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Unsurprisingly, it has been dubbed a ‘PS Plus Exclusive’. And this highlights just how out of the norm the whole scenario is. Nobody seems to remember this happening before and the nearest thing that springs to mind is Day One access only. So, we’d better make the most of it whilst we can. Who knows when Sony decides to go back to its olden ways and leave us with a mix of good games with some that are better off forgotten.

After all, the PS Plus scheme can be a rollercoaster of emotions at times.

Source: PS Store

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