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Wreckfest Smashes Onto PS4 Today, Drive Hard and Die Last in New Trailer

Do you know what I really, really, really hate about modern racing games? The lack of damage, or the lack of realistic damage. With car manufacturers being pissy lil bitches not wanting their good names tarnished by having digital recreations of their cars getting smashed up in some kids racer, we’re left able to smash an Audi into a wall at 120mph and barely make a dent. Emissions scandal, anyone?

If you share in my gripes with modern racers, you’ll want to sit up and pay attention to THQ Nordic and Bug Bear Entertainment’s Wreckfest, which as of today, is available on PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a racing game that allows for total destruction. Its tag line is ‘Drive Hard. Die Last.’ What more do I need to say, really? It’s destruction derby racing with realistic car physics that lets you smash your vehicle into a crumpled heap of metal, not that that is the actual goal. The goal is to win races and smash your opponents into tin-foil balls, but whatever. Each to their own, I say.

Our Kyle Durant recently spent a lot of time with Wreckfest and, despite a few technical hiccups along the way, he had a great time with the game and scored it an impressive 8.5/10. He’s not an easy man to please, either. You can read his review through here.

To celebrate the release of Wreckfest on PS4 and Xbox One, the THQ and Bug Bear have released a brand new trailer that gives you a moody run down on what Wreckfest is all about.

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