Wreckfest Team Tease a PS5 Upgrade After Xbox Series X Enhancements

Wreckfest was a surprise hit when it crashed on to our consoles in the last couple of years. But it now sounds as though the carnage could be getting a 4K makeover, if recent comments are anything to go by. Similar enhancements have already been seen on the Xbox Series X, so it makes complete sense for the Playstation 5 to get similar treatment. Not to mention, the 60 frames per second that will accompany it.

Wreckfest didn’t fail to portray the chaotic beauty that is demolition derby. But that’s not to say it wouldn’t benefit from a next-generation makeover (let’s be honest, wouldn’t we all?). And that’s something that may be nearer to reality than previously thought because its developer, Bugbear, has only gone and hinted at just that. You see, they’re overjoyed with the Xbox Series X’s enhancements so see no reason why similar things can’t be achieved on the PlayStation 5. And neither can I.

The good news came straight from the team behind the game, with them saying:

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“It does seem like a no-brainer to take advantage of the power of the PS5.

“And we feel like Wreckfest would benefit from it tremendously.”

So, even though it’s not a definite confirmation, it all sounds very certain. Plus, the game has just enjoyed a  whole new boost thanks to the recent attention given to a number of bugs and the introduction of a new tournament dubbed the Woodland Dash; the latter introduces a new car and routes to the game.

Now, it goes without saying, this update is important for our favourite hardware of choice as it keeps the playing field as even as possible. But it also helps to fill in the bit of a drought we’re seeing right now with actual releases. Racing games, in particular, always benefit from a boost in resolution as it helps to increase the realism, and this will be no exception. So, the only question left to ask now is, which game is next? Because I for one wouldn’t have put Wreckfest so high up in the list of those getting upgrades.

Source: Bugbear

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