Writers! Pure PlayStation Needs You!

As the title implies we’re looking for some new writers. Pure PlayStation is a pretty new site, in fact it’s just about three weeks old. However, things are going really well and we feel it’s time to expand. That’s where you come in. I’ll keep this fairly short so you can start typing out your application email!

What Pure PlayStation is looking for

Again, the title gives it away, we’re looking for writers. At the moment we only have one writer solely dedicated to Pure PlayStation and one that dips in and out every now and again, but as I mentioned things are going well, so naturally we want to expand our team so we can grow the site. There are three different roles we need writers to fill, although you can take on all three rolls if you wish.

1: News Writers – News is the bread and butter of our site, but we need more of it. If you can only take on one role then we’d love if this was it. You do not need to own a PlayStation console to fulfil this role.

2: Review Writers – While the news is what we thrive on, reviews are essential for driving traffic our way, but we can’t cover every game on our own, second to news writers we need reviewers. Unfortunately, for the time being you will have to provide your own games to review. Hopefully as our three-week old site grows we will be able to acquire review codes, which you will get access to. You do need a PlayStation console to fulfil this role.

3: Feature Writers – Feature writers should be able to provide insightful, thought-provoking and/or informative features on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. At the moment we only have one monthly feature up and running, which is A Brief History Of, so we definitely need more features. You do not need to own a PlayStation console to fulfil this role.


Technically speaking we have absolutely no strict requirements. You need absolutely no prior writing experience, although it would be nice. You do need to be able to write in English, but your writing does not need to be perfect, but it does need to be coherent and readable. As long as you can write in English we will work with you to improve your skills.

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Ok I lied a little, we have two requirements. Firstly, you must love video games, that’s probably a no-brainer considering you’re reading this. Secondly, while we do not require the most amazing writers in the world (we’ll work with you to improve your skills), we do require consistency. The ideal writer should be able to provide at least one news item per day, obviously that’s different for reviewers and feature writers, but remember you can take on as many roles as you like. If you do want to write news but cannot write everyday send me an email anyway, I’m sure we can work something out like maybe just writing on certain days of the week and so on. Just be honest about how much you think you can write.


1: Ok so the big question is will you get paid? The simple answer is most sites are voluntary with only a few exceptions. Due to the fact that we are only three weeks old we cannot afford to pay our writers, but unlike most sites we do offer you a chance to earn money by yourself while using our site. We can discuss this when you apply.

2: You will gain experience while writing for Pure PlayStation, which will be essential if you want to advance in a writing career. We will be happy to give you a reference if you need one for future jobs.

3: As the site grows we hope to acquire review codes for games. Obviously the site is young at the moment so we don’t expect to get them for a while, but when we do you’ll be welcome to them.


If you’ve made it this far then please consider applying, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested just drop me an email at conor.hutton at pureplaystation dot com. If you feel a little hesitant send an email anyway and who knows, maybe you’ll be Pure PlayStation’s next writer.

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