WW1 First-Person Shooter Verdun Rated for PS4 and Xbox One

WW1 First-Person Shooter Verdun Rated for PS4 and Xbox One

Not too long ago we had EA announce a brand new Battlefield game that would take players back to the past and throw them into the dirty trenches of WWI with the bizarrely named Battlefield 1.

Fans of World War I shooters sat up and took note as it’s something a little bit against the current trend of throwing shooter franchises so far into the future that they run the real possibility of shooting Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

Battlefield 1 isn’t the only World War I shooter coming to consoles as there’s another on the way, as rated by the PEGI ratings board. Verdun is a first-person shooter that’s been out on Steam for a while now, though it’s not “just another” Early Access game; it’s actually been well reviewed by critics and PC players alike.

Maybe there’s room for more than just one World War I shooter after all. Or maybe not. We’ll see. Curiously, the PEGI rating has since disappeared. Perhaps the ratings authority let slip something that wasn’t ready to be slipped?

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