X-Morph: Defense Merging Twin-Stick Shooting with Tower Defense

X-Morph: Defense Merging Twin-Stick Shooting with Tower Defense

If you like shoot’em ups with lots of explosions or tower defense games (or both!), EXOR Studios has jolly good news for you. X-Morph: Defense is a self-described twin-stick shooter and tower defense hybrid. Plus, you get to destroy the human race so yay! Ok, maybe not yay on that last part. You play as the titular alien species that invades Earth to harvest its resources and terraform the planet. The option to strategize before every battle will present itself where you can craft various types of alien structures, but you can just go in guns blazing. This route will more than likely cause unprecedented destruction because everything can be destroyed.

Key features include the ability to craft towers anywhere on the map, collapse buildings and bridges to change enemy pathways, and adaptable A.I. to react to those changes. The spaceship you control can transform into four distinct forms to battle huge, skyscraper size, war machines. Split screen co-op will also be present. Sadly, the only release date we have is “coming soon” for the PlayStation 4.

X-Morph: Defense is being developed by EXOR Studios which is based in Poland. Now we’re not saying the game is already great, but The Witcher 3 was made and Poland and we all saw how that turned out. We’ll keep you in the know once a release date presents itself and let us know if you’re interested in the title via the comments below!


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