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Xbox Series X Won “Most Wanted Tech” at Gamescom 2020, PS5 Didn’t Even Get Nominated

This is a strange one and it kind of calls into question how such awards are put together. During the last night of Gamescom 2020, the awards were handed out for various categories. You can find the complete list of winners through here, but for this article, the focus is on the “Most Wanted Tech” award.

The “Most Wanted Tech” award was won by Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, and that’s fine. Fair enough, it looks like it really is going to be a beast of a console and I can’t wait to get my hands on it when it releases later this year. What’s strange, though, is that the PS5 wasn’t even nominated in the same category. Surely both next-gen machines are among the most wanted tech coming this year, right?

There are over 100 million PS4 consoles out in the wild. Surely that means there have to be around 100 million players eagerly awaiting the PS5, compared to the 30 million Xbox One players looking forward to the Xbox Series X? It just seems a little strange that one console is among the most wanted pieces of hardware, and the other isn’t, despite being put together by the current market leader, Sony.

Still, does this have any impact on our day-to-day lives? Not in the slightest. If you’re looking forward to the PS5, you keep doing that – no award for a competing platform should dampen your excitement. Besides, we’ll all have forgotten about this by the end of the day.

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