Xbox Vows to Learn From Sony’s Innovation and DualSense Controller

The DualSense controller has changed what it means to play games. For no longer are we confined to simply seeing the action, because now we can actually feel it. And the variety of feedback provided is quite astounding. So, it should come as no surprise to hear that a few people over at Xbox are also in awe of the achievement, though they’re probably struggling to go back to the standard offering as well. But will this have any impact on the future of Xbox gaming?

Well, it might do if their latest comments are anything to go by – even if Sony have probably got the patents locked down. Still, all it takes is a stroke of inspiration and who knows what might materialise; it’s not like Microsoft have been struggling to do things differently, either.

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The praise comes from Phil Spencer himself, so this is most definitely a compliment. And he has not only applauded his rivals on their achievement but also said that the two companies “should learn from each other and the innovation”. Obviously that doesn’t extend to the two joining forces – even if that would make the most amazing console ever – but it’s nice to see that they’re able to recognise their opposition’s creation. And even learn a few things from it.

But with this DualSense controller and the PSVR, maybe Xbox need to make a big advancement of their own in the coming years. Otherwise, they won’t be getting a return compliment from Sony.

Source: The Verge 

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