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Xenon Racer Gets Another Showcase Video Showing Boston and Lake Louise Circuits

Xenon Racer, the upcoming arcade, er, racer, from 3D Clouds and SOEDESCO, has another showcase video for you to feast on. Well, it’s more of a snack really as the clip is barely 30-seconds long, but you could watch it a whole bunch of times and call it a feast?

The new showcase trailer gives us a look at another two tracks that will feature in the game. The two tracks being shown off are Boston and Lake Louise. Boston, as you can imagine, is a city-based circuit surrounded by the delights of city living, while Lake Louise will see you zip through a quaint lakeside track with forestry and, well, you know, a lake.

Xenon Racer is set to release on PS4 this March 26th. As there’s no sign of Ridge Racer this generation (boo!) this may be the closest we’ll get to that sweet arcade action. Fingers crossed…

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