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Xenoraid is Out Now in UK/EU

After a slight delay in releasing Xenoraid on PS4 (it released on November 8th in North America,) the game is now available in the UK and Europe via the PlayStation Store. However, there’s still no word yet on the release date for the PS Vita version, though we’ve been assured that the team is still working on getting it out.

Priced at a mere £7.39, Xenoraid was well-received by our very own Jake Ellis when he reviewed the game earlier this week. He called it a “real no-brainer” for fans of old-school arcade shooters like Space Invaders.

It’s a small price and a small download, too, as it’ll only run you 65MB of hard drive space. Bloody hell, that’s smaller than some games’ save files! Magical…

Is Xenoraid on your list of games to play this week, or are you not too fond of retro-style games? Invade the space where the comments section resides below.

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