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Yakuza 0 ‘The Business’ Pre-Order Edition Announced, Plus New Trailer & Story Info

On the US Playstation Blog today, Sega have announced the day-one pre-order edition of Yakuza 0, which they are referring to as ‘The Business’. Along with the announcement came a new trailer and a run down of the story of the game. You can view the trailer in full below; then be sure to read on for all those juicy details!


The man with the dragon tattoo, Kazuma Kiryu, is back once again to western shores. We know that Yakuza 0, the prequel to the Yakuza franchise, is releasing on January the 27th 2017 – and now we know exactly what’s driving Kiryu to punch everything in sight this time around.

It seems that on a routine collection job, the young Dragon of Dojima is framed for murder. The murder brings some heat down on his Yakuza ‘family’ and they’re none too happy. Guess who they decide to use as a scapegoat? Why, it’s the young Kiryu, of course. Or at least it would be, this is Kazuma Kiryu we’re talking about, so what actually happens is; he punches a bunch of people, punches some more people, then goes off to punch his way to clearing his name.

If that sounds like your thing (sounds good to us), you may be wondering what this ‘The business’ Edition nets you. With a pre-order of this day one edition you’ll get the game, along with the stainless steel business card holder seen above (with awesome designs of Kiryu and Majima’s tattoos) and replica business cards for Kiryu and Majima, as well as a ‘hostess card’ because… it’s Yakuza. Those who prefer to go for the digital pre-order via PSN will get this artful static theme for their PS4:

Yakuza 0 theme

Yakuza 0 is due to release on January 27th 2017, and will be exclusive to PS4 in the West (Sega have confirmed the Japanese PS3 Edition will not be coming to our shores). The game is already available for pre-order, and you can pick up the business edition here:  Yakuza 0 – PlayStation 4 $59.96 at the time of writing for our US readers, the EU version does not appear to have yet been finalised, but we’ll update you as soon as we know more. Stick with Pure PlayStation for all your gangster punching needs.

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