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Yakuza 6 Demo Makes a Return to the PlayStation Store After Full-Game Hiccup

The demo for Yakuza 6 : The Song of Life is making its return to the PlayStation Store this week. This move comes after it was pulled a few weeks ago when SEGA inadvertently released the full game in lieu of a taster. Oops…

Obviously, as soon as the mistake was noticed, SEGA removed the offending demo. But a corrected file wasn’t put up in its place. However, that looks all set to change this week if their Tweet is anything to go by.

The team behind the posting were keen to thank fans for their patience. They then went on to say that the demo will be back live early this week, and as before, saves will carry forth to the main release in little less than a month.

Early next week isn’t too big of a timeframe, but if you’d like to narrow it down then we’d guess it’s tomorrow (Tuesday) which is the PlayStation Store’s refresh day.

Yakuza 6 : The Song of Life is planned to launch on April 17th. Then again, it has technically already launched if you managed to snag the full release in the demo package a few weeks back…

Will you be downloading this greatly downsized demo? Have you got a decent dry cleaners on speed dial to wash that blood out of your cuffs? Comment in the telephone box below. 


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