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Yakuza 6 Demo Removed from PSN

This is why we can’t have nice things.

The demo for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life hit the PSN today. This was the “sweet” in the bittersweet release date delay announcement from Sega only a few weeks ago. Fans had been looking forward to hitting the streets of Kamurocho and seeing the extra shiny visuals from the new Dragon Engine.

Unfortunately, a few turds discovered they could use the demo to unlock the full game for free. The demo appears to be the full version of the game at 36.53GB. This is also why your progress would carry over when it releases on April 17th.

On Twitter, Sega gave this explanation

The UK and Australian stores still have access to the demo, so it only seems to be impacting the NA store for now. Hopefully, Sega can fix the issue and put it back on the storefront ASAP. Yakuza 0 was this author’s favorite game of 2017, and more Yakuza is never a bad thing.

Until then, we will continue watching videos of others playing and look forward to building the toughest clan in Kamurocho.

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