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Yakuza 7 Demo Planned For Japan and The West

Yakuza 7 launches in Japan early next year. But we’ve just found out a demo is planned prior to its release, so we won’t have to wait until launch day to swing a bat at this next installment of SEGA’s enduring series.

Initially the demo is scheduled just for Japan, but it will swing West before their release window opens. Which offers us the chance to try out the new turn based combat system without risking a penny of our own.

In addition to SEGA announcing this public demo, the team also confirmed the action will be different to that on show at the Tokyo Game Show a few months ago. However, they didn’t tell us when the taster will go live. All we know is the game launches in January, in the East, which means it has to happen between now and then.

As Yakuza: Like a Dragon, as it is known in the West, will launch later in the year, its demo will instead take place within the first two quarters I’d imagine. That doesn’t stop us checking out the opinions coming out of Japan, though.

Fingers crossed the changes work better than they read. I’m not completely convinced a turn based mechanic suits the Yakuza world, but there’s always room for improvement – maybe this will take the series up a notch?

In the meantime, let us know if you’re ready for Yakuza 7. Or have you got the Remastered Collection on your radar first? I know I have!

Source: gematsu

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