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Yakuza 7 Gameplay Video Includes Deadly Attacks by Lobsters and Purses

My YouTube feed is filled with all kinds of Japanese videos I don’t understand, but I got lucky this morning. Sega dropped a demo of gameplay from Yakuza 7, and although I don’t understand anything they are saying, it shows how the new combat style will work. You are running around the streets of a city as in other games in the series, but there is a variation of turn-based combat to shake things up for the new generation of Yakuza. It doesn’t completely slow down the action spectacle, but it’s not the fast brawler it used to be.

Pulling it closer to a JRPG, the video also shows skills. These seem to be bigger attacks with an animation. Think Final Fantasy summons. One of them shows a woman winding up her purse for an attack. Another shows lobsters raining from the sky and attacking a person. At least it retains the same sense of humor as previous games.

Jobs are another thing I see, and they are switchable. It may have been discussed elsewhere, but I’m not sure about what that means or the impact it has on gameplay. I do see the use of weapons in the game, so maybe that is an impact? The language barrier makes it impossible to be sure.

Yakuza 7 is a real change in the direction of the series, and I’m always excited for more. However, I want to see more of the changes made in Yakuza 7. Will fans (including me) embrace them, or will it be too much change? I’ll keep my eyes open for more info, you keep your eyes on Pure PlayStation, and we’ll take that voyage of discovery together, fellow Yakuza fan.

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