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Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon Uses Your Brain Over Brawl

Gematsu has kindly translated the official Yakuza 7 website. And through their ability to change words we don’t understand into words we do, we’ve discovered the next installment is titled ‘Like a Dragon’ in the West. But there’s an even bigger change coming to the much loved series, just in case it wasn’t JRPG enough for you already.

That’s because the button bashing brawling mechanic is being replaced by a more traditional turn based scheme. Will it suit it, though?

Up until now there had been little official news on the next game in the series. But now we know that it is a thing, will be released January 16th in Japan/ sometime 2020 for the West, and the new protagonist will be bringing with him a new way of doing things. Something Sega is quite excited about in their launch spiel.

Let me elaborate.

From what’s been said, the combat will remain as gory as ever (for those who appreciate the detail). But the party will instead fight through a command system that boasts options with differing effects. In addition, Yokohama will be three times the size of Kamurocho with the promise of a grand story. And all the places will have different faces – whatever that’s meant to mean.

But just in case that wasn’t enough for one day, we’ve even found out about its storyline.

According to the official blurb, Ichiban Kasuga leaves prison after 18 years to an empty welcome. He travels to his hometown, Kamurocho, in search of balloons and cake. But this isn’t the home he remembers. Due to a police crackdown, the Tojo Clan has fallen. And the law is being upheld by an alliance of handcuffs and Kansai yakuza.

To his disdain, all of this has been done by none other than Masumi Arakawa – his ex boss. Who is less than happy to see Kasuga after all this time.

The rest I will leave unsaid.

Are you excited for this new direction the series is taking? Or does Yakuza 7 risk damaging the frantic street fighting vibe we all love by introducing “thinking time”? Because I’m not sure about you, but I barely take a breath when I’m in the midst of a fist fight. And, for me, that’s one thing that sets the game apart from everyone else.

Source: Gematsu

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