Yakuza Fist of the North Star Announced for PS4, Trailer Inside

SEGA announced today a brand new Yakuza game, though it’s not exactly what fans of the series would have guessed. Instead of being a mainline Yakuza, Fist of the North Star is based on the anime Hokuto Ga Gotoku.

So to make it clear, it’s taking all the usual combat and mini-games from the Yakuza series, and plonking it all into a neatly packaged game set in the Fist of the North Star universe with its own story and characters.

There’s more to follow later this year as SEGA and Team Yakuza have confirmed that the game will be making an appearance at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. However, the game isn’t due to release until 2018 and that’s only confirmed for Japan. Us westerners will probably see this one in around, oh, maybe 12 years?

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