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Yakuza: Like A Dragon Values New Game+ At 7 Yen, But Its Price Rockets In May

There was a lot of backlash to the news that Sega had decided not to include New Game+ in Yakuza: Like A Dragon as standard, choosing to instead offer it as a DLC at a later date. Well, we’ve now become aware of the pricing strategy they’re going to use. And it’s too is a little commercialised for my liking. You see, you’ll have to pay for it either way. But fail to buy it now and you risk paying over ten times as much come May.

That’s because they’ve decided to do some weird tiered pricing on the optional feature, which does nothing but encourage sales of the game now. Which, in turn, does nothing but make their balance sheets look better. Which in turn hurts gamers. Nice

Strangely, New Game+ has been a standard feature of previous Yakuza games. And has offered all aspiring street brawlers a toughened challenge come the credits. But for some reason they’ve decided now’s the time to change all that – just as they’ve thrown in the RPG mechanics, too. Yet, I can’t see the logic.

We’ve reported previously that sales of Yakuza have struggled on home soil despite being healthy on more Western shores. So, why you would do something to harm those tallies even more is beyond me. Especially as it could cost them more in the long term. But as if it wasn’t bad enough to charge for the feature in the first place, they have chosen to do it in a way that forces your hand now. At a time when finances are a stretched enough as it is.

In other games, you can afford to hold off DLC purchases until you know that you like the game or have even finished it – safe in the knowledge that it can only come down in price the longer you wait, post-launch. But this additional content is different, in the sense that it goes up from 7 yen now to 980 yen after May 6th. One heck of a markup, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The Premium Masters Pack launches on April 9th, if you do want to take advantage of this “saving”. And it does come bundled with new items, costumes and upgrades, so it’s quite the bargain at 7 yen. At 980 yen, though, I’m not too sure…

Source: Gematsu

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