Yesterday Origins Releasing This Friday On PlayStation 4

Yesterday Origins Releasing This Friday On PlayStation 4

Microids’ latest game about a particular immortal searching for lost memories released on the PC last week, however, the console version was nowhere to be seen.

For undisclosed reasons, the PS4 edition was delayed and there was no word on when it would be available. Luckily, Pure PlayStation has been told by the developer that Yesterday Origins will be hitting the PlayStation Store this Friday, November 18th. You can also check out the launch trailer for the title above. Turns out that our immortal friends don’t have a lot of allies and those who do know of them treat them like demons. Hard life, eh?

If you missed our preview of the game, don’t worry, you can still go and read it here. That is unless it’s mysteriously vanished and now you have to engage in a point-and-click adventure to uncover the dark truth about what happened to Pure PlayStation’s Yesterday Origins preview. Nah, it’s still there, we’re good.

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