Yooka-Laylee Trailer Unveils Local Multiplayer Modes

Yooka-Laylee will boast local multiplayer modes, as revealed in a new trailer released by Playtonic Games. Players will have access to an arcade run by a retro-game-addicted dinosaur (Rextro SixtyFourus to his friends). This arcade is home to his eight “self developed” mini-games, each supporting up to four local players; you can play solo if you don’t rate your friends want to try for a high score.

When Rextro was first introduced, he was described as a guardian of arcade machines that are to be hidden in each level. So, although not disclosed in the trailer, the mini-games may require unlocking. There is also no mention of online multiplayer, the lack of which would serve as a nod to its heritage but may prove disappointing to some.

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It was also revealed that a second local player will be able to join the main game, playing as a character other than Yooka and Laylee.

Yooka-Laylee will be released on PS4 this April 11th, 2017.

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