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You are the Station AI in Observation

On the surface, Observation has a familiar story to anyone that’s experienced a moderate amount of sci-fi influences. A space station lost power due to an unknown event. One person is trying to find out what happened and locate other members of the crew as they try to work with the AI to restore systems and make sense of the situation. The difference is that you are the AI in Observation.

As SAM (Systems Administration & Maintenance), you are the AI that rebooted and has now become self-aware. The origins of the mysterious circumstances causing the power outage and your new consciousness are unknown to you too. As you try to uncover the truth, you will help Dr. Emma Fischer as she moves through the system. You will be on the other side of the CCTV camera as humans float through…you?…in 2026.

The game is being described as a “narrative thriller”. You will help solve puzzles by using your cameras and audio and your connections to internal systems. It’s the game that studio, No Code, has been dreamed of making since its founding. It gives you the chance to play your very own HAL 9000, though it remains to be seen whether you are a helpful or psychotic AI.

It’s a unique twist on a very old idea, and we’ll start our digital journey to self-awareness when Observation releases on May 21st.

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