You Can Bag Some Free DOOM Eternal DLC Already

To celebrate 25 years of DOOM, Bethesda is giving away a really cool skin for 2020′ DOOM Eternal, but getting it won’t be an easy task. It’s completely free, but you’ll have to trade some of your time instead of your currency.

The 25th Anniversary Slayer is available for DOOM Eternal if you sign up for the Slayers Club and reach the ‘ultimate rank’ of DOOM Slayer. This means you’ll have to participate on the forums, read articles, enter polls, submit your own fan art, and whatever else is available. Doing these actions will give you points which will slowly build up and you’ll move through the ranks. I’ve not tried it myself but I’m sure it won’t be too difficult. Besides, between now DOOM Eternal’s release, there’s plenty of time to get chatting on the forums with fellow slayers.

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It’s a smart move by Bethesda to get more players inside their social circle, and I’m sure your data will be completely safe and not sold to Mark Zuckerburg for a few pennies. Probably…

DOOM Eternal will release on PS4 on March 20th, 2020. Hopefully you’ll have your bonus in bag before then!

Source: Bethesda

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