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You Can Download An Unravel Demo Right Now

Who is the cutest character on PlayStation? No it’s not Sackboy because during EA’s E3 press conference last year a very shy, nervous man came out on stage to tell us all about a game called Unravel and it’s the star of Unravel, Yarny, that stole Sackboy’s position as the cutest. However, there are still people out there that haven’t taken up the mantle of helping Yarny out on his adventure yet. Shame on you for leaving the little guy hanging!

Well, the good news is there’s no more excuses for not giving this excellent and fun platformer a go because EA have just released a free demo of the game’s first level onto the PS Store. We honestly had nearly forgotten that demos were a thing, yet here we are. Anyway, if you’re away from your PlayStation at the moment you’ll just have to make do with the demo’s trailer down below for now. Enjoy.

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