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You Can Download Your February PS Plus Free Games Now

February’s free PS Plus games are available to download from today, so if you’re a PS Plus subscriber itching to play something new, you can go ahead and stick the new games on your hard drive.

If you’re interested in the new games but don’t fancy playing them just yet, be sure that you at the very least add them to your download library so that you can download and play them at a later date.

February 2020’s PS Plus games are actually really, really good, compared to some of the previous months. This month sees players get access to three games, though you could argue it’s actually five. We’ve got The Sims 4 for all of your godly desires. We also have BioShock: The Collection, which is a three-game pack of the first three BioShock games, all reworked to look and play better on PS4. And finally, there’s Firewall Zero Hour. A few of us here at Pure PlayStation have a love-hate relationship with First Contact Entertainment’s brilliant PSVR shooter; we hate it when it doesn’t work properly, but once you’re in the game and have a few decent rounds under your belt, there’s nothing quite like it. You can read Jeremy’s Firewall Zero Hour review here on Pure PlayStation, or check out my review over on our sister site Pure PSVR.

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