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You Can Make Games in Media Molecule’s Dreams on PS4, Here’s a Game Made in Less Than 3 Days

Media Molecule’s Dreams for PS4 may still be without a release date (WHEN!?!?!) but that hasn’t stopped the hype train from slowly building up momentum. A few of the developers from Media Molecule recently took part in Train Jam, an event where developers get together and ride the train from Chicago to San Francisco to get to the annual Game Developers Conference. It’s here that the plucky Brits showed why they are considered some of the most creative minds in the industry.

The video above shows a game that the developers made during this train journey. Granted, it’s not that remarkable and we doubt anyone will be begging Media Molecule to expand the game into a full release, but what is interesting is that it was all created inside Media Molecule’s Dreams game. All of it. A game within a game. We have reached the peak of human kind. Call the aliens and tell them we’re ready to be invaded.

What we really, really want to know is… What train service lets a bunch of people board for three days and bring their TVs and game consoles? Certainly not Arriva Trains Wales… They barely let you have a bloody seat…

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