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You Can Now Play as Dutch in Predator: Hunting Grounds

You can now relive one of the best parts of any Predator experience – Arnold Schwarzenegger. The new update for Predator: Hunting Grounds brings voice recordings that detail what Dutch has been doing since the original encounter in 1987. The free update will let you unlock recordings as you level up, and they are voiced by the actual actor himself.

If you want a little more authenticity, you can purchase the Predator: Hunting Grounds Dutch 2025 Pack DLC. For $6.99, you’ll receive extra voice over, the Fireteam skin of an aged Dutch to play in the game, and early access to the QR5 Hammerhead rifle, knife, and clothes and weapon skins. If that doesn’t make you want to get your wallet to the choppa, don’t worry. The gun, knife, and customization items will be unlocked for everyone on June 12th.

Check out the trailer to see if you’ll be playing with a thick Austrian accent in your future.

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