You Can Now Pre-order The Last Of Us Part 2… Again

The Last of Us Part II

It wasn’t too long ago that we brought you news that The Last Of Us Part 2 had been delayed. And, subsequently, all pre-orders had been cancelled/refunded, whilst the option to do so was removed from the Store. However, today I can tell you that the game is available again – this time for a launch date of June 19th.

Let’s just hope there are no further hiccups and disappearing acts, though. Otherwise we’ll be writing about third time lucky…

Obviously the delay couldn’t be avoided – what with the current situation we find ourselves in. But such a willingness to hand back our money by Sony never bodes well. It just screams of big delays and great uncertainty. Although, that appears not to be the case here. Unless something happens in the time between then and now, which isn’t an impossibility. But I’ll try my best not to jinx things further.

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You’ll also be glad to hear that both versions of The Last Of Us Part 2 are available, again, just like before. Namely the Standard and Deluxe Digital Edition. Both come with extras alongside the game, the value of which you’ll have to judge for yourself (picture of a tattoo, anyone?). And a difference in cost of £10, coming in at £54.99 and £64.99 each. But the main thing is one of this year’s most anticipated games is back on track.

And, for that, I think we’d all pay whatever Sony asked.

Source: Official Store Page

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