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You Can Now Race as a Toilet in Wreckfest on PS4

Have you ever dreamed about taking a porta-potty around a race track? No? That is the correct answer. For those who answered yes (hi Clarkson, May and Hammond!) your gaming career has now hit its absolute peak: you can now race as a toilet in Wreckfest on PS4. A literal toilet.

As part of the newly released Backwood Bangers Pack for Wreckfest, players can now take their outhouse for a spin along the dirt tracks. There are three new vehicles added to Wreckfest with the Backwood Banger Pack; the Outlaw, the Hornet, and the stinkiest racing car you’ll ever see, the Honey Pot, the latter of which is the sole focus of this DLC’s trailer. Bold decision but one I respect.

So how much does it cost to race a crapper? It’s free if you own the Season Pass or $3.99/€ 3.99/£3.29 if you don’t. Hey, at least you won’t be accosted by a dirty older man through the poorly made glory hole…

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