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You Can Sign Up To Beta Test The Next PS4 Software Update Now

Way back in September, ok not that long ago then, Sony allowed players to sign up and beta test the last big software update for the PS4. Well they’re at it again and players can sign up here to gain access to a beta version of the console’s next big update. While you can sign up today the beta won’t begin until early in March, however we advise signing up as soon as possible because positions are limited. If you’re worried that the beta might harm your PS4, don’t be; if you’re unhappy during the beta you can always roll back to the previous update at any time.

If you do choose to take part in the beta you will not be allowed to discuss it with anyone that is either not also testing the beta or outside of Sony. Sony also advice you to sign up to the PlayStation Forums, which you can find here, to make sure you get access to the ‘beta forums’ where you’ll be able to discuss new features with fellow testers. Sony will be monitoring the forums and taking in all feedback.

Unfortunately we have no idea what new features will be included in the beta, but as soon as we find out, and are allowed to discuss them, we’ll let you know. There’s a lot of features PlayStation fans have been  pretty vocal about asking for, including folders and PSN name-changes to name a few, so hopefully some of them will be addressed in the update.

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