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You Can’t Buy the Metro Exodus Artyom Edition, But It’s Awesome

Companies love releasing special editions for their games. They are usually limited, and the cost ranges from reasonable to insane. Those same companies usually want you to shovel cash their direction, but the new Artyom Edition for Metro Exodus is on another level.

The first change from the norm is that it can only be won. You cannot buy it anywhere, at least not until the winners put it on Ebay. It is also truly limited. There are only ten versions of the Artyom Edition being made worldwide. If you do win, it will be something to celebrate, and odds are good that the items will not be switched out at the last minute.

The items in the Artyom Edition are really, really cool. Some of them functional. Housed in a steel ammo crate with a certificate of authenticity signed by the author, Dmitry Glukhovsky and 4A Games co-founder, Andrew “Prof” Prokhorov, the first item you find is Artyom’s trusty gas mas with a removable filter. I’m not sure if it is entirely functional, so don’t take any chances. There is a bullet lighter made from a shell. There is a game map in a real leather roll. (Eat your heart out, older CRPG fans.) The pack includes a Spartan dog tag made of steel, and the winner’s name will be engraved on it. Saving the best for last, there is a working nixie watch to help you tell time as you make your way to work, school, or through a Russian nuclear winter.

The entire kit has been created by DB Props. They have created items for Captain America, Kingsman 2, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, and Mary Poppins Returns among other films and exhibits. You can see the results of their work in the trailer at the top with Dmitry Glukhovsky showing you each item.

Although ten were created, 4A Games is keeping one of them, and that makes sense. The other nine will be won in different promotional ways. The first way is to head to the game’s site, and register for their newsletter here. They advise you to watch that page, and follow their social media accounts.

Since it looks as if you will need to buy the game separately, Metro Exodus will hit the PS4 on February 15th.


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