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You Have “1-Shot” in the Resident Evil 2 Demo

Resident Evil 2 will get a very limited demo starting January 11th. The “1-Shot” demo will let you play as much as you can within thirty minutes. After that, the demo stops, and you get to watch a teaser trailer to convince you to buy the game. For those of you on the fence, or if you just want a taste of the remake, this is a great way to experience a real PlayStation classic with some enhancements for our modern gaming times.

The PlayStation Blog has some tips for you in the demo. First, loot your environment. That’s Gaming 101, but you need those herbs and first aid sprays to keep you going after a zombie tries to make an appetizer out of your face. Other items, such as ammunition are hidden away, and you will need every shot, if you decide to stand and fight. For you completionists, the map will show a room as red if there is a goody yet to scavenged.

Even properly provisioned, fighting is not always your best option. Running away and screaming in fear is also acceptable. Shooting a zombie doesn’t necessarily kill them, let alone stop them. If you want to avoid an encounter of the rotten kind, you can use boards you find to keep them from coming through the windows.

The demo will let you explore a lot, but they recommend you stick with the first floor in the beginning. Search electric devices, inspect everything, and take a look at that info to solve any puzzles you encounter. The timer freezes when you are in the menu, so you don’t have to worry about taking your time there.

As you might expect, you can pre-order the game now. A digital pre-order will give you a PS4 theme and the “Deluxe Weapon: Samurai Edge Chris Model and Jill Model. The Deluxe Edition of the game will give you some costumes for Leon and Claire, the Samurai Edge Albert Model, and the ability to swap the new soundtrack for the original.

January is definitely a big month, and Resident Evil 2 is a big contributor. With a January 25th release date, we are not far from reliving the scares of our youth or enjoying them for the first time.

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