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You Have to Live in God Eater 3 Story Trailer

The games for the first quarter of the year are dropping trailers to remind you to hang on to all those gift cards you receive for Christmas. God Eater 3 has a sweet story trailer, and it has everything you expect from the series. There is talk about searching for a sense of meaning and purpose, sacrifice, life and death, friendship, the role of power and the authority to use it, making difficult choices, general drama, and boobs. That last one threw me too, but, around the 2:40 minute mark, the camera is almost entirely focused on a character’s chest. I’m not offended, but it was a little surprising. Then again, I’m sure they know their audience.

Coming February 8th, God Eater 3 puts the title characters into a fierce competition with the Aragami who control the world with massive weapons that may help them finally free mankind. The character Phym is once again shown in this trailer, and she has a role of unknown importance in the story. With dark plots in motion to kill the God Eaters at home, and Aragami planning to kill them when they leave, it may not be the best time to be a hero.

The God Eater series seems less about saving the world and more about not letting the world continue to be destroyed. Things are already bad. Humanity has been mostly beaten by the Aragami, and, even though hope is not lost, there is a strong sense of futility in your struggle. Even though the God Eaters wield powerful weapons, it’s still never enough to make them invulnerable as soldiers or people. I guess what I’m saying is, please make more of the anime soon.

Until they decide to grant my anime wishes, you can experience new adventures in God Eater 3 on February 8th.

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