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You’ll Still Need Your Infinite Warfare Disc to Play Modern Warfare Remastered After Solo Release

Yesterday Activision announced that, despite its repeated attempts to fool players into thinking otherwise, Modern Warfare Remastered is getting a standalone release after having spent nine months being tied to Infinite Warfare’s expensive deluxe packages.

The reception online hasn’t been great after Activision set the asking price at $39.99 plus an additional $15 for the DLC that’s already out, not to mention the widely hated microtransactions. You’d think, then, that there has to be at least one sliver of hope for this re-release, right? Nope.

We shot an email over to Activision and asked if it meant existing owners of the digital edition would be free from the shackles of Infinite Warfare. The answer? Nope.

If you got your digital copy of Modern Warfare Remastered with the disc copy of Infinite Warfare, you’re still going to have to get off your arse and put that bloody disc into the console every time you want to be reminded as to why Activision is one of the least popular publishers in the business. Or just train your child…

Update: Just in case it wasn’t already obvious, those who buy Modern Warfare Remastered as a separate download/retail disc won’t need the Infinite Warfare disc to play. Obviously…

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