Your Free PS Plus Games for January are Available Now

Your Free PS Plus Games for January are Available Now

What a lovely way to start the new year: free stuff! Well, it’s not technically free as you pay for the service, but you get the point. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member with some free hard drive space to spare, you can now download your free games for January 2017.

For those who are still a little groggy from New Year’s Eve celebrations, we’ll recap for you: Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Blazerush, Titan Souls, Azkend 2, The Swindle, and This War of Mine: The Little Ones are your freebies this month. The collection of goodies are ready to be downloaded across Europe, the UK, and North America.

Naturally, this bunch of games were torn apart by angry Plus members when Sony announced the line-up, though we reckon it’s actually a decent month, if only for This War of Mine: The Little Ones. Play it, then get yourself some tissues and have a little weep. We won’t judge you.

Will you be downloading this month’s PlayStation Plus offerings, or will you be skipping out on this lot? Give us a shout down in the comments.


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