Yupitergrad Swings onto PSVR February 25th

Yupitergrad is not for the faint-hearted or those who are still getting their VR legs in order. You’ll need a strong stomach to make progress in this crazy platformer.

Have you got your VR legs? I certainly hope so because Yupitergrad will test even the hardened VR players among us when it releases.

Perp Games and Gamedust have announced that Yupitergrad will release on February 25th for PSVR, and yes, you will definitely need PS Move controllers for this one. Not one, not one and a DualShock, but two Move controllers.

Yupitergrad is a puzzle-platformer that has already seen massive success on Oculus Quest and now it’s time for the PSVR version.

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In the game, players swing around over 50 levels performing crazy acrobatic Spider-Man style stunts while solving puzzles. It’s a puzzle-platformer, then, and there’s plenty to see and do in the game with the 50 levels and a new Time Attack mode with 20 new levels that will surely get VR speedrunners weak at the knees.

The digital version of Yupitergrad will release on the PlayStation Store on February 25th, while a physical version will be available from March 12th.

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