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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Opening Trailer Now in English

We finally have a release date for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. In a newly released trailer, the March 19th release date has been revealed. I originally thought this was a repost, but I think it’s the first time I am seeing the trailer in English. As someone who can’t read or speak Japanese, it makes a lot more sense now, and I don’t have to pause the screen to see if my phone can translate the text.

For those who aren’t aware, the makers of Danganronpa have a new game. It’s not Danganronpa, but it seems to take some of those ideas and mix it up with some very interesting new ideas. The game calls itself a “non-stop survival RPG”. Mankind destoyed itself and sank below the ocean. Now, all that is left of humanity and civilization is eight people stuck on an island. Sometimes remnants of our former past drift by the last bastion for the living, and exploring these relics gives you insight into our characters.

The first twist is that these people are clones. (You can see profiles for each character on the official site.) Clones age and die every 13 days. A clone will experience multiple stages of life with different stats and abilities at different ages. Depending on how you die, your next clone could become a stronger version of you. Each chapter presents a different view from a different clone. They are also categorized as the seven deadly sins with one person being named original sin.

The second twist is that this is a survival game. You will need to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom. As you forage for supplies, you will encounter monsters. You can fight, or you can run. Sometimes, you need what that monster can give you, so there is a strategy in survival. If that sounds like a cool combination of ideas, check out more details from an earlier post here.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is coming on March 19th and pre-ordering will get you the game’s soundtrack. With 2019 already looking like an amazing year for games, this is one more to add to your radar.

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