Zen Studios Announced Operencia: The Stolen Sun, a First-Person Fantasy RPG

Zen Studios is best known for its massive amount of pinball video games, as well as CastleStorm which is on just about every screen possible. I own this game on 5 different platforms…

But now the famed studio is turning its back on pinball, at least for a short while, to release a brand new game called Operencia: The Stolen Sun. The game is a first-person fantasy RPG with turn-based gameplay and lots of dungeon crawling. Not my cup of tea, personally, but it’s an interesting change of direction for the developer.

“Operencia: The Stolen Sun was born out of sheer passion and brings mysterious stories to life that have not been told in this setting. The stage is set for Zen to deliver a stunning and memorable experience” says Mel Kirk, Vice President of Publishing. “A team within Zen wanted to create a modernized dungeon crawler with Unreal 4 graphics and an immersive story based on content rarely seen in video games – including stories and characters they grew up living with in Central Europe that most of us in other parts of the world have never heard of…or at least we haven’t yet. Operencia is almost done now, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

According to the press release, Operencia: The Stolen Sun is set to release in 2019 on PC. There is no official announcement for PS4 just yet, but the developer notes that other platforms will be announced at a later date. Just don’t expect it on the Vita…

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