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Zombie Army 4 Season 2 Kicks Off With Free Horde Map and Damnation Valley

Zombie Army 4: Season 2 kicks off today on all platforms with a brand new campaign mission to get stuck in to. And, to celebrate the new goodies coming our way, Rebellion has released a brand new trailer showing off what’s to come in Season 2.

The new campaign mission is Damnation Valley. During this mission, you and your fellow survivors will battle through the frozen North towards a Hell Storm that has been brewing above the Alps. It’s your job to do away with the satanic portal.

Damnation Valley is the first in a new three-part story, with part 2 and 3 set to come over the next few months.

Obviously, such goodness can not be free so it is a paid update. But, if you’re a cheapo, there’s some free stuff too, including a new Horde map to play either solo or online.

Today’s new content drop includes:

• Zombie Gentleman Dress Uniform Character
• Halloween Headgear Bundle
• Lee Enfield Rifle Bundle
• Occult Ritual Weapon Skins
• Halloween Charm Pack

Rebellion has also outlined its future content update plans with a handy visual guide, which you can see down below.



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